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Author Topic: Wifi/network adapter (Qualcomm) randomly drops connection  (Read 399 times)

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    Wifi/network adapter (Qualcomm) randomly drops connection
    « on: September 01, 2019, 03:56:05 PM »
    My laptop (Dell Inspiron 15, Windows 10, purchased January 2019) wireless Internet connection is lost randomly about a dozen or so times per day.  It seems primarily to happen when watching a video on Youtube, but I think I've seen it happen at other times as well. 

    The network adapter is a Qualcomm QCA 61x4A 801.11ac.

    An Android phone connected to the same Wifi network maintains its connection when my laptop's connection is dropped, so I'm assuming it's not the connection itself or the router.

    What I've tried so far (note: none of these things have worked):

       - Uninstalling and re-installing the driver
       - Disabling and re-enabling the adapter
       - Changing power management options to prevent the computer from disabling the adapter
       - Rolling back to an earlier driver (this fixed a similar issue on an older laptop, but for this one, there was no earlier driver; computer was purchased Jan. 2019 and the earliest and only driver available was from August 2018)
       - Looking for updates directly from the Dell driver site (none were available)
       - Resetting the network connection
       - Turning off bluetooth
       - Changing the network from public to private
       - Turning the router off and then on again
       - Using another browser (was happening on Chrome, but Firefox didn't seem to be any different)

    Rebooting the computer or manually disconnecting and re-connecting to the network always works to restore the connection, but obviously doing this a dozen times a day represents a significant inconvenience and loss of time.

    The only other idea that comes to mind is to try purchasing one of those external USB network cards, in case the problem is coming from the actual Dell Qualcomm network adapter.  But before spending money on that, I'm hoping someone might have an idea about the cause and/or solution for the above.

    Thanks in advance.