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Author Topic: Microsft Annouces New Windows 10 - Again?  (Read 112314 times)

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    Re: Microsft Annouces New Windows 10 - Again?
    « Reply #1 on: March 23, 2020, 10:24:02 PM »
    I'm going to do this post from memory because I am not sure which unit I have the associated files on because I haven't been over in that section of Microsoft for a year or so; since my cancer was discovered.

    I was involved in the early research for Windows 10 and I remember back in the very beginning that they were stating Windows 10 was the last version with a numerical designation no more like the 7 8 (the disaster) 8.1 and so on.

    So what I remember roughly was that new variations of just 10 would be rolled out over the years and so these press releases aren't really a surprise at this work station.

    Funny thing, though, I seem to remember last year a rumor going around that some hotshot at some executive desk was actually sending out signals that maybe the company would change its mind about that last numerical designation decision.  I honestly cannot remember who gave me that information, but I am rather sure it was an individual and not a news report or a post on one of the many sites I visit.

    Unfortunately, I have the double whammy of age, which definitely can cause memory lapses; and the medicine stuff the doc folks have me doing.  But I keep notes on everything, so I can always go back and find stuff.  Probably that rumor came to me through an informal email exchange and quite likely from one of our Google Team folks.

    Which brings up another point a lot of folks don't realize; there is a lot more co-operation between Microsoft and Google (Alphabet) than people realize.