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Author Topic: PC Upgrade help.  (Read 126063 times)

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    PC Upgrade help.
    « on: May 20, 2021, 08:00:10 AM »
    Hi there. I have a workstation PC and I want to upgrade it, but I am not looking for upgrading it to a gaming PC or something. However, I need to replace the SSD, Increase storage and Memory RAM, and also I need to upgrade the processor to Intel HD graphics Processor. The main goal for this upgrade is that I am going to use this work station PC for Visual Studio Code, Adobe Suite, and video Editing (It will be a rare thing to happen). So, I need to know what you guys advice me to do to make this workstation handle the Adobe Suit, Video Editing, and Visual Studio Code for coding? Also, I need to the PC to be fast so it doesn't take ages to move from one application to another I need the PC to be efficient. If I posted the thread on the wrong section I will really appreciate if the moderator or admin can move the thread to the right section that is responsible for that kind of stuff and not locking the thread.