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Author Topic: Pirated Software  (Read 28005 times)

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    Pirated Software
    « on: April 07, 2006, 09:32:47 PM »
    I have a pirated XYZ product and ABC isn't working right. Can you help?

    ComputerHope's policy on pirated software
    We as a body consider all pirated software to be a stolen product because, in a sense, that is what was done - a total theft from the developer. Pirated software will often have bugs, particularly anything networking, from games to virtual office meetings. These bugs are caused by the hackers who weren't capable of making a fully functional product. This is because of the safeguards installed to prevent hackers from copying the software. They rarely fully succeed. ComputerHope is not capable of stopping this practice; however, because of the methods used in getting a pirated copy of a program, we will not promote this in any way. We refuse to assist you in doing anything with pirated software, from games to operating systems. This is for two very important reasons. The first is that the program was copied illegally, and assisting you would be as an accomplice to the crime. The second is that ComputerHope regulars are generally law-abiding citizens who don't know the ins and outs of pirated software. In fact, it's impossible to know since there are many pirates out there and they all have different methods.

    We as a body cannot stop you from using pirated, or "warez" software. However, note that it we can and will cut off your ability to gain assistance on this site. Please do yourself and the designers a favor and buy the program legally.

    But I didn't get a warez! I just got a copied disc from a friend/relative/garbage can!

    ComputerHope holds copied programs in the same regards as pirated. If it doesn't have the designer's logo or some sort of official label on it, and/or it wasn't made by the manufacturer, even if the original is, then we consider it illegitimate software and will not assist you. Once again, you didn't buy the program and took the easy path. You should not be rewarded for "cleverly" breaking the copyright laws, and we will certainly not.
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