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Author Topic: problem with RAID 1  (Read 3500 times)

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problem with RAID 1
« on: April 15, 2006, 11:04:14 AM »
I have had a problem with graphics card on server under Win2003
standard edition.I changed graphics card and  but windows donīt boot.I
used the boot CD and option the install and repair and Windows 2003 is
ok.But now the RAID 1 donīt  work..On server i have the ITE IT8212 ATA
RAID controller.When the Windows 2003 boot thereīs RAID menu but two
disks donīt on array.What I do?how i make RAID 1 (mirror) that i
donīt forfeit mine informations on hard.By this hard discs have been
in the RAID 1.Which option that i use in the RAID menu that i make the
Help me thanks! On picture is RAID menu that i recevie when i push Ctrl+G.which the option is for my problem
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