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    « on: April 08, 2006, 10:01:11 AM »
    How do I take a screenshot in Windows?

    To take a picture of the entire screen, press the Print Screen button. Normally, this key is found near the top of your keyboard, to the right. To take a picture of only the active window, press Alt-Print Screen. Sometimes the Print Screen button is abbreviated "Prnt Scrn" or a similar abbreviation. This is normal; the key will function the same.

    Pressing the key does not save the picture. It copies the image to the clipboard. When a picture or text is in the clipboard, it is stored in memory. (This is why you can "cut and paste" text.) You can do the same with the Print Screen Button.

    To save this screenshot, do not copy anything else. Go into Paint and Press Control-V. The picture will be pasted onto the "easel". Save it as you would any normal image. After you have done this, you may repeat this procedure with as many pictures as you like.

    The reason you cannot copy more than one picture simultaneously is twofold. The first is that memory only saves one picture or one block of text at a time. The other is that if you could save more than one to memory, pasting it would cause a huge mess. Images interposed, letters mixed up, etc. Windows attempts to save you from that by limiting you to just one at a time.

    Okay, I've got the picture saved. How do I show it to you guys at ComputerHope?

    If it's a JPG, you can just attach it to the post. A Choose button is below the reply box. Pick the file, and post. The picture will attach itself. If this does not work for you, or if you don't want to just attach it, you can upload it to imageshack. The procedure is just slightly more complicated:

    1. In a new window, go to www.imageshack.net.
    2. Select the file as if you were attaching it. Ignore any ads you see on the page.
    3. Press the Host It! button.
    4. When another page loads, you should see at least three or four boxes with URLs in them. Go to the bottom one; it should say "Direct link to image" on the side. Copy the URL in the box by highlighting it and pressing Control-C.
    5. Go back to the window with the post in it, and press this button: Two boxes will appear. Click between these to boxes, and hit Control-V. The URL that was in the box should now be between these little boxes.
    6. Post the message. The image should be embedded in the post.
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