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Author Topic: Set an icon on a folder on a Flash Drive  (Read 28867 times)

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    Set an icon on a folder on a Flash Drive
    « on: April 23, 2006, 12:58:10 AM »
    Why this topic?
    In this topic I will try to explain how you set an icon on a folder from a removable drive. Because when you configure an icon to a folder on your c:/ drive, and you copy it to a removable drive (example: a flash drive) and you go to another computer, you won't see the icon there...
    How can I make that I can see my icon everywhere
    First , create a new folder on your desktop (in the example it is called USB, but you can call it whatever you wish). There you will put all your files in... Second, create a new folder (in the folder on the desktop) and name it: ICONS. In this folder, you will place all your icons for you folders. Finally ,  you create a new folder and you call it: folder with an icon. The structure of all your folder should be like:
    + Desktop
    - - - + USB
          - - - - -  ICONS
          - - - - -   FOLDER WITH AN ICON
    Now search for the icon that you like, and put it in the folder ICONS. After that, you go to the folder called: “FOLDER WITH AN ICON” right click on it . Then,  click on properties. Then go to the tab menu: edit. Then  click on other pictogram. Then you go to your folder called “ICONS” and click on the icon you selected and saved there earlier . 
    Now you have an icon to that folder. But if you copy the folder USB to an removable drive, you won’t see that icon… Now I will explain how you make that you can see that icon on a removable drive
    Open notepad (start => run => notepad) and click on: file => open… Then you go to your folder “folder WITH AN ICON” and you open it. Normally this folder is empty. However you type desktop.ini (IN THAT FOLDER) and you push the button OPEN. If you did everything right: you’ll see the following code:
    Code: [Select]
    IconFile=%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\USB\ICONS\your icon name.ico

    Now, the only thing you’ll have to do, is make sure you don’t search the icon on the desktop, but just under the current folder.

    For that you replace the code with:

    Code: [Select]
    IconFile=.. \ICONS\your icon name.ico

    Now you click on save. If you copy your folder to a removable drive, you will see the icon!

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