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Author Topic: Simple installation of XP  (Read 15645 times)

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Simple installation of XP
« on: June 25, 2006, 10:00:50 AM »
New/Clean Install/Re-install

1=Set Bios to boot from CD/ROM as first boot device(Entering the BIOS and changing the boot order is not discussed here, you may have to refer to the computers manual for this).(For a clean or new drive the boot sequence does not matter)

2=Place the OS/CD in the CD/ROM drive and Re-Boot

3=Watch for the prompt to "Press any key to boot from CD/ROM" Press ASAP (Ignore when prompt appears on any reboot) (You will only get this prompt if there is an OS installed).

4=windows Setup (Loads Files)

5=To setup XP now press "ENTER"

6=Press F8 for license

7=To continue installing a fresh copy of windows without repairing press "ESC"(You will not get this prompt for a new or unpartitioned drive)

8=For a new or unpartitioned drive press "ENTER" (or you can press "C" if you want to create multiple partitions).

9=For a drive that has partitions, operating system or any data on it, you should press "D" to delete the partition and start out with a clean drive
10=Press "enter"

11=You will be prompted again, press "L"(You will do this for each partition) , Now you are ready to partition and format

12=Press "C" (Only if you want multiple partitions, Otherwise press "Enter"

13=To setup windows on the selected partition press "enter"

14=Select format NTFS with quick option, (Should be the top selection)

15=Press "enter'

16=Wait for format to complete

17=Computer will start copying files to the installation folders (this may take several minutes)

18=Computer will re-boot, do not press any key to boot from CD/ROM when prompted
19=follow the on-screen instructions to complete loading windows.

If you want to format the entire "C" drive Or the "C" partition where XP is installed, please try the following:
Set your BIOS to boot to the CD-Rom, {Procedure not discussed here, You may have to consult the Manf's manual.}
1. Start Computer booting from OS/CD
2. Choose Recovery Console (R)
3. At the dos prompt type: "format C:" (without the quotes)
4. If it asks for the "Administrator Pass Word", Type it in if you have one or just hit "Enter" to continue.
5. Commands that you can use, format (drive)/ Q (quick) FS/ (File system fat/ntsf)

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