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Author Topic: Protect Yourself When Windows Fails  (Read 15449 times)

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Protect Yourself When Windows Fails
« on: July 08, 2006, 03:18:35 PM »
I frequently recommend a Linux Live CD for Windows system problems. If you do not have one, you would be well served to download one and burn for when the day arrives for you that you have a FURAR'ed Windows problem and you need to save your data before a reformat, or try to regain control of your system.

I recommend SLAX, but there are other great ones too. They are all FREE and just may save your *censored*. Google for the ones you want, then burn the file as an ISO with Nero or some other burning priogram and store it away, after you play with it for a little bit.

A Linux LiveCD will write no files to your hard drive, so there is no danger. Itruns slower than Windows, because it runs totally from the CDROM and some (like Knoppix) have a LOT of compressed files that have to be decompressed "on the fly". This is an option that will not happen with Windows, by the way. Each contains basic software - wordprocessor, CD burning software, etc. and some, like Knoppix contain everything but the kitchen sink.

These will run on computers that do not even have a hard drive installed. More RAM is a little quicker, but 256 is comfortable on SLAX. Linspire is the most Windows like experience for a total newbie, but they are all pretty self explanatory. You will be able to reat and write FAT32, and read NTFS file systems.

If you like Linux and want to try, most are quite happy with conventional hardware but don't think it is Windows. It's not and there will be some learning curve. You had one with Windows, but don't remember it usually. Don't expect to run Windows games on it. Although there are some emulators and some games do run, I find it better to recommend keeping a Windows partition for gaming, and Linux for everything else.

If you have a spare hard drive, or want to create room on your existing one, Linux is a great alternative to Windows. You do not need a ton of antivirus, spyware prevention, etc. programs. There is no Windows Genuine anything snafus, it's FREE, and comes with all applications a normal human would need on the installation CD(s) including a Microsoft compatible office suite, graphics programs for Photoshop like manipulation, etc. You can also download thousands of other applications, usually free also. There are hundreds of flavors, so one will be more appealing to your brain than others, so give several a try. Modems are sometimes difficult due to the prevalence of so many cheap WinModems in computers. If you have a REAL hardware modem or a serial modem there is no problem if your ISP can support it. Cable and DSL is a piece of cake.





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