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Author Topic: Computer wont turn on after installing new card  (Read 1293 times)

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Computer wont turn on after installing new card
« on: January 01, 2007, 04:30:22 PM »
Ok, heres the problem, Ill try to list off all the information that might be relevent that I can.  Recently I purchaced a ethernet card to use for my familys old computer.  I had to take out the modem to put it in.  Since I was not inticapating haveing to swap the cards, I did not go to the remove hard ware thing in the control panel before hand.  The computer is very old, like 5 years, and it was cheap to (arownd $200 after a nice mail in rebate).Me and my dad had much difficulty getting the ethernet card in.  Its possible we damaged the mother board but seams unlikaly.  After we got the card in, I unhooked the CD drive and replaced it with a new DVD burner from my computer.  I did this becasue for whatever reson the CD drive on the old computer died about a month ago.  I needed to run a CD to configer a wireless router.  I was planing to use the DVD drive just log enouth to do this then put it back in my new computer.  So I hooked everything back up again and pluged in the power cable.  The green light on the power supply turned on (does that as long as its pluged in, on or off), then imediutly flickerd off.  I tryed moveing the cable arownd only to get the same result.  Although possible, it does not act like a short.  When we tryed moveing the cable arownd we couldnt get the light to stay and when it did come on it flickerd off in the same amont of time each time.  We tryed lots of stuff untill we evently put the modem back in and the old malfuntioning CD drive in and tryed then.  Still no luck.  To our knowledge, we were grounded threw touching the case the whole time (the case was touching the table threw ruber feet though, if that would effect it).  Also, the computer has never been cleaned untill a few minets ago while typeing when my dad cleaned it with a vaccum cleaner.  Nothing has changed.  I hope I have provided enough info lol.  Please help!  Thanks



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    Re: Computer wont turn on after installing new car
    « Reply #1 on: January 01, 2007, 04:46:16 PM »
    Well seeing as the Power light in the power supply is off now and you said it was always on , I would expect that the power supply is broken.

    also you should never clean a computer with a vacuum, the air flying trough the nozzle creates static electricity, and can dammage chips.

    also the case is not grounded if its not plugged in.

    Firstly get a new power supply, bring the old one into a computer shop so they can get you a similar one
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    Re: Computer wont turn on after installing new car
    « Reply #2 on: January 01, 2007, 04:55:09 PM »
    Sounds like your power supply died, the bumps and movements made during the card istallation may have been enuff to push the old bird over the edge.
    One extra thing is that sometimes when a power supply goes bad it takes the mother board and sometimes the processor as well.
    My E-machines oem power supply went bad last year and killed the motherboard on its way out, luckly the processor was salvagable, cost about 200 me about bucks to get a new power supply and motherboard installed.

    Another note- avoid using a vacumn to clean the inside of your computer case as the hose can build up a nasty static charge and zap your components, those little cans of compressed air are the next best thing to sliced bread when it comes to dusting the inside of a computer case and are alot cheaper than a new motherboard.


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    Re: Computer wont turn on after installing new car
    « Reply #3 on: January 01, 2007, 06:42:49 PM »
    Oh ok thanks!  Since we got this new computer I guess will just retire the old one.