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Author Topic: My two PCs Won't talk!  (Read 4495 times)

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My two PCs Won't talk!
« on: December 31, 2006, 06:30:50 AM »

FIXED IT!  (1/1/2007)  Problem turned out to be a corrupted driver on the WINxp computer. Uninstalled the driver, ran the 'add new hardware' from System, and came up working.  Found a good article at the following location, without which I wouldn't have been able to fix the problem.


Have a great year everyone.

I have 2 PCs, one is WIN98SE, the other WIN XP Pro.  I had these directly connected using ethernet cards and a crossover cable, with internet access using Internet Connection Sharing on the WIN98 computer.  Trying to add a new but apparently faulty wireless router has resulted in the computers not being able to communicate over the ethernet. Sure threre's a simple answer to my problem, but I've reached the limit of my knowledge and can't resolve.  Help!!

The ethernet cards (Corega) both have a continuously lit green LED, both cards show 'Working Properly'  The IP addresses are both manually set and different, and the Subnet Mask is set to the same number on both computers.  However, pinging the computers in both directions results in 'timed out'.

Any ideas?

Additional info:  I got the WIN98 PC 'pinging' with my daughter's laptop (using the same IP address as in the XP computer) so the cable is OK.  I then swapped over the ethernet cards between the WIN98 computer and the XP comuter and the WIN 98 computer would still talk to the laptop, hence the ethernet cards are OK.  The laptop will however not talk to the WIN XP computer, so the problem must lie in the WIN XP computer.  All Firewalls are set to OFF,

Now here's a tricky bit.  When all was well between WIN XP and WIN 98 computers, the only way I was ever able to access the interenet from the WIN XP computer, via the WIN 98 computer which was set for Internet connection Sharing, was to create a Network Bridge using WIN XP between the I1394 connection and the Ethernet connection of the WIN XP computer.  I deleted this bridge somewhere along the line.  Has this something to do with the 'no talking' problem I have?

Any ideas?

Happy New Year to all.
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