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Author Topic: Reading SCSI Zip disks in a USB Zip drive?  (Read 4136 times)

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Reading SCSI Zip disks in a USB Zip drive?
« on: March 06, 2007, 10:25:53 AM »
I'm moving from an older G3 PowerBook (with all SCSI ports) to a newer MacBook with USB connections. I'm wanting to transfer older data to the new laptop where possible. If I write to a 250MB SCSI Zip drive, can I then pop the disk into a 250MB USB Zip drive and load whatever data I need into the MacBook? I'm trying to get some confirmation on the logic / pitfalls of this before buying a used USB Zip drive. (<$50 on eBay) Will newer apps be able to read stuff created with older ones? Can I save the data in some form on the OS9 that will be foreward compatible with newer apps? (Like converting anything created with Appleworks into SimpleText, e.g.)
   Thanks for any and all advice.