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Author Topic: Connect/disconnect wireless internet in Windows ME  (Read 5894 times)

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Connect/disconnect wireless internet in Windows ME
« on: March 08, 2007, 10:44:21 AM »
Hi. Iím looking for an easy way to connect / disconnect from a wireless broadband internet connection on a Windows ME computer.

The available means I have of doing this seem to cause problems. I recently installed a Belkin G Wireless Desktop Card on the computer. This puts a little antenna icon in the system tray which glows green when Iím connected to the router, red when Iím not. When I right-click on the icon, I get the option to ĎDisable / Enable Radioí, but if I click ĎDisableí, it wonít pick up a signal when I manually re-enable it later.

Similarly, when I open the Belkin Wireless Utility screen, there are options to ĎConnect / Disconnectí from my router, and to turn off automatic connection to the routerís signal on startup. However, if I turn off the automatic connection or click ĎDisconnectí, I sometimes canít then manually connect later. Iím keen to be able to connect / disconnect at will because Iím always hearing that always on equals always vulnerable.

When I connect using dial-up, a little two-screen icon appears in the system tray. When I double-click on this, a Dial-up Connection Status box appears that tells me how long Iíve been connected and gives me the option to disconnect. Is there any way to configure a similar utility for a wireless connection in Windows ME?

Alternatively, is there any program out there (preferably freeware, preferably low-usage in terms of system resources) that will do a similar job?

All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.