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Started by Computer Hope Admin, April 03, 2007, 07:49:33 PM

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Computer Hope Admin

If you have a computer problem, before asking your question please make sure to try searching for it and try browsing the FAQ Database. Some questions get asked weekly or more often, and it is smarter to check these spots first rather than expect someone to reinvent the wheel and type it ALL out again. If the suggestions don't work, or you have other questions, then certainly post away (but not in the FAQ).

Click here to create a new topic in the Windows section.

When posting make sure to keep the below guidelines in mind.

  • List as much about your computer as possible. This includes operating system (what version of Windows you are using), service packs, computer make/model, RAM, hard drive, sound and video cards, current adware/spyware/virus programs being used on a regular basis, do you have a "real" Windows CD, etc.
  • Post in the appropriate forum. Do not start a thread in "Programming" if you need help with a specific program. That would go in "Software". If you post in the DOS forum please specify if it is "real DOS" and what version or some sort of Command Prompt from with Windows, and what version of Windows. There are differences some subtle, and some very important. These tips ensure that the people most likely to help will see your posts.
  • Don't "hijack" someone else's thread. Though you problem may sound similar it is a rude practice and the real issues and solutions may be very different. Click on "Start New Subject".
  • Make sure to click the Spell Check button before posting your question or reply.
  • Use an intelligent title. "Help Me Now" is not as likely to get you help from the appropriate people as quickly as "Smoke Coming From Power Supply" 
  • Do not make multiple posts in different areas for the same issue. That merely confuses things and they will probably be deleted.
  • Be as thorough as possible with your description of your problem. What happens exactly, error messages, if any, what happened before this started, what you have tried, are you the only user, type of internet connection, what you have done inside the case, etc.
  • Keep your computer safe. Use the suggested FREE spyware/adware/antivirus programs. Click here for a great post listing these programs.
  • Realize that this is a volunteer forum. Don't expect instant solutions to all of your problems or be abusive to those who try to help. We donate our time as we can. If you want to pay $75+ an hour for support, there are plenty of repair shops that can and will take your money.  We cannot see your machine. We can only suggest based on the pertinent data you post. Again, more is better. Too little is pointless.
  • If you have some solutions, register and help others.  Unlike many "Help Boards", we welcome input from well informed and well experienced members, not just moderators.
  • Don't post messages with any personal information such as personal e-mail address, home address, phone number, credit card information, etc. All posts can be viewed by anyone or anything visiting the forums.
  • You cannot give too much information. about the system. Withholding information seldom solves a problem quickly, if at all. Please don't expect us to drag information out of YOU to solve YOUR problem.
  • We do not help with cd-keys, cracks, and warez. This is not negotiable.
  • We try not to help with homework. If this is what you are after, please at least be honest and don't try to hide the purpose for the question. Honesty sometimes gets results!
  • It is OK to use the PM feature to contact a member about a specific question, but don't expect a response, unless you have already established that relationship. Our expertise is displayed in the forums to help everyone.
  • Finally, if a suggested fix works or you resolve it some other way, PLEASE post back to let other users know its a tested solution.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the community that is here!

Thanks to GX1_Man and all the forum members who help put this together.
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