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Author Topic: Network card is not seen by computer anymore  (Read 3538 times)

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    Network card is not seen by computer anymore
    « on: July 02, 2007, 09:31:51 PM »
    Why is this happening?  Yesterday, everything was working fine, but my network connection did drop after an hour or so.  I rebooted my computer, connected to the internet, was dropped again about an hour later.  I figured it might be a vvirus, so I reloaded the operating system (Win XP).  But after I started the computer, I couldnt see the Add n ework connection icon under NETWORK Connections.  I tried the Network configuration wizard.  It said "Cannot detect network hardware'.  I tried 'ipconfig' under the MSDOS prompt, but got nothing.  Why is the computer suddenly refusing to see my network card, and how can I fix it so that I can get on the internet?