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Author Topic: How to install your graphics card ? (pci-e)  (Read 35504 times)

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How to install your graphics card ? (pci-e)
« on: August 06, 2007, 11:41:50 PM »
OK I thought since I have done this myself many times before I would explain to people from my own personal point of view on how it's done .........

Introduction: Make sure you have everything you need, starting with anti-static-wrist strap, some Philips non-magnetic screwdrivers, and your graphics card .

Step 1 : Before you install the card you have to know where it goes, now because most people in this day and age have PCI-E cards I will focus on them.... look carefully at image 1 , you will notice i have highlighted  a part in green , that part is the port you will be installing your graphics card today

Once you have carefully looked at the image 1, you should then open up your computer now, depending on what brand your computer is, it should be fairly simple, at the back of your computer, you should notice some screws or a catch of some kind,  unscrew the screws, or flick the catch and gently slide off the side panel , NOTE: Always be sure that your computer is unplugged from the mains the slightest shock could hurt you and your computer.

Now you have looked at the image carefully, it's time to get a good look at your graphics card. I find studying it before you insert it will achieve optimal results without messing anything up, now I have labelled the card for good measure, you will see I have labelled what inserts into the PCI-E bus , and the main power connector insert as well as the power cable head itself, take a while to familiarize yourself with this image.

Now you have looked and studied both images, you are ready to insert the card into your computer.

Now make sure you have your anti-static wrist strap on and make sure you're grounded, take the card out of the box, and gently insert into your PCI-Express slot, now be careful not to touch any other components in your computer, there is a part at the end of the card that should hook in first, then you should hear a click to know it's in nice and firm, now find the 4 pin power connector show in the 2nd image, and plug it into the power socket also shown in the 2nd image. Once you have done that, screw the card in look at the image i have shown you, this person is screwing in his card, do the same thing.

Now once you have done that shut your case back up, plug your computer back into the mains, plug your TV out socket in and you're set to go, as soon as you have installed it, insert the disc and install your drivers there should be a CD that came with the card.

Thanks for reading , I did take my time to write this all up myself and I also uploaded all the images myself , so I hope this helps.

Tony :)
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