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Author Topic: Always Restarts after "Shut Down" or "Hibernate", Won't come out of "Sleep"  (Read 5110 times)

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Hardware: Toshiba Satellite P105-S6177
System: Vista Home Premium
Memory: 2GB RAM, 120GB Drive
Processor: Centrino Duo 1.73GHz
Chip Set: Intel 945GM Express

Further Explanation:
User Choice:      System Action
Shut Down      Reboot
Hibernate         Reboot
Sleep         Sleeps... but won't come out of Sleep

Further Explanation and Attempts:
Using the Toshiba Power Management feature does change choices of action but the outcome is the same as choices from Vista menu. For instance, if I choose to have the system Hibernate when the lid is closed, the system goes into hibernation momentarily then restarts, or if I press the power button, the system shuts down then immediately restarts.

I can use the command line: “rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState” and the system will go into hibernation but then immediately restarts.

The only way to turn-off this computer is to hold the power button for 5 seconds or more and then when powering-up again, I get the nasty Microsoft warning that the system didn't shut down properly last time and do I want to start in safe mode or normal, etc, etc with all it's slow checks with this type of startup.

The Sordid Story:
I just purchased this Toshiba Satellite P105-S6177 from RefurbDepot. I know, that's my first problem. Secondly, they did not include a manual or recovery disks. When calling Toshiba Support, they seem quite aware of this problem in their support database and require me to perform a full system reload from their OEM Recovery Disk... which I don't have.

Attempting to return this faulty system to Refurb”Despot”... (those lovely people), they want me to sign a form saying that I agree to pay a 15% restocking fee before they will issue me an RMA, REGARDLESS THAT THEY SHIPPED ME A FAULTY SYSTEM OR THAT THEY DIDN'T INCLUDE ALL NECESSARY PARTS, which they now claim they do not include recovery disks with their computers, which is not indicated when purchasing from them... basically, if you buy from RefurbDepot... you're SOL if it's doesn't work out of the box or down the road! How would you like to purchase a slightly used car from a dealer, then have the dealer start the car for you and somehow remove the keys and keep them so you can't turn it off?

Now, I believe that I can fiddle with bits in the registry but in a few hours of searching for any key for “ShutDown” etc, I haven't found the silver bullet. I've searched the MS Knowledge Database and Toshiba Database and nothing reports a problem like mine. Toshiba points to a program by Symantec that may cause a restart after shutdown and solves it by changing bits in the registry but I don't have that program so those entries are not in my registry.

I refuse to pay Refurb”Despot” almost $200 to return a faulty system or to purchase a new copy of Vista just to solve my problem... Any help out there would be greatly appreciated... and please tell the world no product is worth any price at RefurbDepot!