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Author Topic: Win95 installed, trouble booting up  (Read 2998 times)

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    Win95 installed, trouble booting up
    « on: December 23, 2007, 02:09:04 AM »
    I installed Windows 95 alongside Vista on my 2 GB RAM laptop, and am having a bit of trouble getting it to start.  I'll start with the most basic problems:

    1.  Right now when I choose Win95 from the Vista bootloader (I've set it up, it works OK with MS-DOS), I get an error "Non-system disk or disk error".  Only I don't have a floppy drive, and I don't have anything in the CD drive.  I would think it's my mouse or headphones, but DOS 6.22 and MS-WIN 3.11 started fine with them connected, and this still occurs with no peripherals connected.

    Probably on a similar problem, when I tried to install Windows 98, I got to 61% of the second step when it said "Please insert a diskette into drive B:" along the top of the screen and wouldn't let me continue.  Not only do I not have a diskette drive, I don't have a "B:" drive,  either.

    2.  Before the above error, I kept getting "Insufficient memory to initialize Windows" errors.  I added

    Code: [Select]

    to SYSTEM.INI, after reading Win95 sometimes has trouble with more than 48 MB of memory, but b/c of problem #1 am not yet sure this has fixed it.  I'll need about 384 MB eventually as well, hopefully I'll be able to get that.

    3.  Windows Protection Errors.  But I think I need to solve #2 before this one.

    The aforementioned "Please insert a diskette into drive B:" is keeping me from upgrading to Windows 98.  I think it wants to make a Win98 boot disk when it says this, but I don't really know.

    Windows 3.11 was working fine, except in Standard Mode instead of 386 Enhanced Mode.  When I tried to setup the Internet, Trumpet Windsock said I was using 75-80% of my memory - I definitely think it had memory issues, but perhaps was able to fit in 2 MB or 640KB.

    Yeah, lots of problems.  Had Win3.11 working, maybe I can get back to there and start from square 3 again.

    Here's my Autoexec.bat:

    Code: [Select]
    PROMPT $p$g
    set mouse=C:\Mouse2
    C:\Mouse2\mouse.exe /Q

    and Config.sys:

    Code: [Select]
    DEVICEHIGH=C:\Dos\oakcdrom.sys /D:MSCD001

    MS-DOS was working before I tried the Win95/98 upgrade - somehow it now thinks I have a non-system disk in a floppy drive when I try to start it up   ???
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