Move command. Overwrite ? yes/no/all

Started by blah123, March 18, 2008, 03:17:33 PM

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WinXp Cmd prompt.

How to say 'No to All', when 'move' prompts 'overwrite abc.txt? yes/no/all'

Tried no/all, noall, no-all,no all,no&all,no to all (:-),na, all, no
all no work :)

can't believe i'm asking this - couldnt find it on google/windowsHelp (who uses that ??)

closest was


Dias de verano

If you mean you want to halt the Move operation so no more moves take place, then you would hit Ctrl + C at this point. If you want to only move files where they do not exist in the destination then you should study Xcopy. There is no way with Move that you can say "no" to all future overwrites except as I noted above, by halting it completely.


I wonder if there's a way to write a looping batch file that would echo "n" so as to serve this purpose.


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