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Author Topic: floppy refresh in virtual Windows 95?  (Read 2888 times)

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floppy refresh in virtual Windows 95?
« on: July 11, 2008, 06:02:22 PM »
In my Windows 2000 computer, I am running VMWare. Inside of VMWare, I am running a virtual Windows 95.

Recently, the floppy drive in W95 has been acting strangely. Here is the sequence:

1. I insert a new floppy disk, then click on the A: drive in file manager. It shows the files on the floppy, and all is well.

2. Then I remove the floppy disk and insert a new floppy disk. Now, when I click on the A: drive in file manager, it does not show the files on the new disk. Instead, it shows the old files from the old disk. If I refresh the drive, it still shows the old files. The same if I remove and reinsert the disk.

3. If the first disk was full, and the second disk is empty, it will not let me add new files to the second disk. If I delete the false files on the second disk --- that is, if I delete the filenames that are actually from the first disk while looking at this false readout of the second disk, then at least I can add new files to this second disk. And then these files will display when I refresh the A: drive.

4. The same thing happens if I access the floppy drive from a dos box inside of W95.

5. Alternatively, I can reboot W95, and then the first floppy disk that I insert will behave in a normal manner. But it still hangs with a second disk.

I do not know if this is a W95 problem or a floppy driver problem or a VMWare problem, so I am starting out here on this forum, wondering if anyone has any ideas about this.

Thank you.