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Author Topic: Black screen in DLL. *censored* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!  (Read 1642 times)

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ted at sc

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I have a HP. HDX9000 lap top running the windows vista ultimate os. with an intel core 2 extreme processor with 4gigs of ram and an 8800 nvidia high end graphics card I spent every thing I had on it and im not rich so if you can please please help. So heres the problem while I was looking at the properties for a contaminated DLL. program file there was a edit tab that when hit lead to a (change what program the computer uses to open all DLL. files) window and by sher stupidity the notebook program ended up getting chosen along with adobe reader as the 2 new options for opening all DLL. files very shortly after this happened the computer began to fall apart (so to speak) First the screen went black so black I thought the thing had turned off but the keyboard quick play lights were still on but I got no response for all most every thing I tried the only response was when I turned it off I then did A hard restart still a black screen but I could hear It start up fans running disks turning so on so on then I fond out that If I hold a flash light up to the screen I can still see whats going on barely so i called HP tech support and ran through a lot of stuff with them but really got nowhere the screen can still only be seen if threre are multip flash lights shining on the screen its very dark wouldn't know it was on at first look but I still have some operating ability with it. Is there any way to fix this is there any way I can tell the computer to undo the order to open all dll. files with the above programs If there are any Q's or more info I can give please ask and please if there is any help you can give at all please help thank you. TED  at sc