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Author Topic: Deleting Partition Made In Vista Premium  (Read 2015 times)

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Deleting Partition Made In Vista Premium
« on: August 04, 2008, 01:52:31 PM »
I'm running Vista Premium on a 500GB capacity computer. I used the vista partition that came with Vista. I need to partition the my C Drive down to 100 GB. Yet I made a mistake weeks ago and did it wrong, and just noticed that the drives are partitioned in MB and not GB. Yet that was the only option when I did this. Now I cannot seem to delete the two new created drives. So I can start over if possible. I know that I have to sign in under the hidden administrators account, yet I'm not sure If I can still delete the hard drives now. I'm scared that it will effect my C drive with my stuff on it. Can anyone shed light on this? I'm also wondering if there is a Partition Software that is still compatible with Vista that could do a better job, than what comes with Vista itself.