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Author Topic: Easy to use Qemu package - x86 Emulation for Windows  (Read 1351 times)

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    Easy to use Qemu package - x86 Emulation for Windows
    « on: September 23, 2008, 12:08:01 AM »
    If you were wondering where to look or where to start
    your x86 emulation expeirence, you clicked the right topic.

    There are many great x86 emulators out there, and I have
    tried alot of them. However, The one I found to be the cleanest,
    and the smallest, was Qemu. Why not start here?

    I have compiled a package that is easy for people to use and
    understand, but before you download, make sure you read what
    I am about to say- I have NOT included readme files.. so pay atten-
    tion! When you extract Computer.rar, you get a folder named 'Com
    puter'. In that folder you have an array of batch files to do the trick
    (s) for you. There is a folder for all of your disk images; place them
    in that folder. You should have: 1 Hardrive.img, 1 Floppy.img, and
    1 CD-ROM.iso.

    The few extra batch files are too obvious to explain, but I will
    explain them right now. The two batch files with the "New." prefix
    will create blank disk images.. (Floppy: 1440k, Hardrive: 500Mb).
    The 'Hard.Floppy.bat' will boot your computer with drive A: of the
    host computer.