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Author Topic: Making FireFox Faster, Safer and more Personal.  (Read 14581 times)

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Making FireFox Faster, Safer and more Personal.
« on: September 27, 2008, 05:54:54 PM »
Hello This is my First FAQ.
If it Doesn't Fit in with the Other FAQ's Tell me please
and Private message me were to place this Post.

Firefox is a Browser made by Mozilla Corporation
It Is more Secure, Safer and More Customizable then Internet Explorer.
Download --->(Click here)
Its free also.

Like I said before Firefox is very customizable there is a wide variety of Add-ons.
(Click here) For Add-ons.

There are tons of Add-ons but I would like to take the time to Get the Basics and make your
Firefox safer.
Here Are the Add-ons you should get.


No Script
(Click here) for No script

Description: No script is one of the best Add-ons It Disables the scripts of Sites on the web
so if something malicious is trying to get through it makes it impossible to get through, It is a excellent tool and will keep you from getting anymore nasty infections.


Adblock Plus

(Click here) for Adblock Plus

Notice: After you Download Click This Now look on the side and there should be a Banner On the side there's a white banner click ADD easy list then Click "Ok" when the Window Asking if you would like to add the subscription.

You now have just blocked all the Advertisements on the Web and have made your Firefox even more safer.  :)
Description: Adblock Plus Will block every Advertisement on the web which could Possibly speed you up and Protect you from viruses if the Advertisements are Dangerous or scams.


WOT(web of Trust) <--- Safety Ratings for sites.
(Click Here) For WOT

WOT or Web of Trust Is a MUST HAVE security add-on It will warn you if a website is dangerous.

It also warns of
Spyware, adware and viruses
Browser exploits
Unreliable online shops
Phishing, spam and other Internet scams
Annoying or malicious spam


Stealther (Privacy Add-on Optional)
(Click Here) for Stealther

Description: Stealther Is used for Privacy uses.
What it does is it temporary disables.
- Browsing History (also in Address bar)
- Cookies
- Downloaded Files History
- Disk Cache
- Saved Form Information
- Sending of ReferrerHeader
- Recently Closed Tabs list

To activate Stealther Go to "Tools" Then Find and click on Stealther.
It is now Activated and you can browse the web anonymously.

To deactivate Stealther Go back to "Tools" then Find Stealther again and uncheck it.

DownThemAll! (Download Manager + accelerator)
(Click here)For DownThemAll!

Description: DownThemAll! Is worth while if you like to download alot.
It is excellent and it makes managing your Downloads easier
Also it speeds them up.

Firefox Is also known for Different themes Great for Matching the color scheme of your Operating systems colors.

Here are some Excellent themes.

Full Flat (Click here) For Full Flat.
Description: simple beatiful theme with Modernized buttons.

(Click here) For iFox
Description: Looks like the Safari web browser and is just handsome on Firefox.

(Click here) for more Themes.

Well thats All, Like I said before there are tons of more add-ons
(Here) Ill see you later.
If there is anything else I will find I will be sure to Add them here.

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