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Author Topic: [b][/b] HELP! My Wireless Connection Lost It's DHCP OR DNS Settings!?  (Read 1740 times)

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Quite simply:

3 computers, one wired the rest wireless (of which one is desktop wireless)

My pc lost it's settings just like that, BOOM!

I suppose, or recon so, this is because I plugged an ethernet cable into the PC (somehow it might of thought my 360 was some sort of wireless device maybe...)

Anyway i rang my ISP they said hardwire it, but it's simpossible due to my house structure.

All i know is when I click on the "status" of my wireless connection it IS FULLY CONNECTED however it has NO DNS or DHCP settings, which I cannot obtain

ipconfig on cmd doesnt work. nor I cannot go to router settings (i.e 192.168.x.x)