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Author Topic: Suspected Automated Malware Downloader  (Read 3008 times)

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Suspected Automated Malware Downloader
« on: November 07, 2008, 07:02:33 PM »
<SubSyn> <Saviour> in jersey http://nj.saviour.net/search/re%64irect.php?&f=ht%74p:%2F%2Ftin%79ur%6C.c%6Fm/ytrjen&l=O
20:53   <jacky> .
20:53   <jacky> what's that about?
20:54   <SubSyn> i dont know why his site does that
20:54   <jacky> whose site?
20:55   <SubSyn> savoir
20:55   <jacky> that's his site?
20:57   <Pink0Floyd> Dont go there
20:57   <Pink0Floyd> Jacky?
20:57   <jacky> yes
20:57   <Pink0Floyd> did you just click that link?
20:57   <jacky> what's up?
20:57   <Pink0Floyd> Virus
20:58   <jacky> how do you know?
20:58   <Pink0Floyd> Im guessing because it hsaid automated malware Downloader
20:58   <Pink0Floyd> Good thing No script blocked it
20:58   <jacky> Well SubSyn - what do you say?
20:59   *** guest_92 joined #computerhope [email protected] (Widget)
21:00   <SubSyn> im not sure , its his site
21:00   <SubSyn> it said that for me also

In this log the Link at the top Was linked to a suspected automated Malware Downloader Site

Im going to give this log to you and if you can tell me if This could have possibly hurt my system or Jackys system.

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Re: Suspected Automated Malware Downloader
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2008, 06:09:30 AM »
First of all, if you suspect a link to be dangerous, you absolutely DO NOT post it on the forum for people to click on.  Many users may click on it without thinking.  If you absolutely must post the URL, make it unclickable, which I have done for you.

Second, I am personally not willing to test it, but there is definitely something fishy about the site and it doesn't look like something you can trust.

Third, I don't know if it actually did anything to either of your computers, but it very possibly could.  I would suggest both of you running malware scans immediately and often.
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