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Author Topic: Computer Hope chat introduction *Read first*  (Read 22887 times)

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Computer Hope chat introduction *Read first*
« on: February 27, 2009, 09:21:14 AM »

The Computer Hope chat enables any person to freely log into a live online chat with other Computer Hope users to communicate instantly and help resolve issues in a live format.

Chat Rules

  • No profanity
  • No discrimination.
  • No spam or flooding of the channel or server.
  • No advertising other websites, services, or companies unless that advertisement answers someone's question.
  • No links, advertisements, or comments about any adult or illegal material.
  • Any chat and/or link should be suitable for *all* users of *all* ages.
  • English only please.

How to connect

To connect to the chat click the above chat link () or click the link at the bottom of the forums main page. Alternatively there is also a link to the chat through the Computer Hope online help section.

I've been warned

Every user has a maximum of three warnings before they are kicked and then another warning before they are banned. If you are warned that warning will not clear until 60 minutes after the last warning. If you are warned again while that 60 minutes is in a countdown the timer will reset back to 60 minutes. When warnings are reset Hopebot will send you a notice indicating he reset your warning count to 0.

I've been banned

If you've been banned from chat you'll need to wait at the very least 14-days before that ban is removed. If you believe you've been mistakenly banned send Computer Hope Admin a PM on the forums with what user name you were using in chat and approximately what time it happened and I'll investigate. If I come to the conclusion that you've been mistakenly banned it'll be removed immediately.

How to change name

If you're logging into the chat outside of the forums you'll come into the chat as Guest_xx, where 'xx' is a random number. If you wish to change your name type the below line, where '<new name>' is the name you wish to use.

/nick <new name>

Connect through IRC client

Users who're using or wish to use their own IRC client can connect to the chat using the below settings.

IRC Server: irc.mibbit.net
Channel: #computerhope
Port: 6667

My recommended IRC client: HydraIRC

How do I get a chat Icon?

Users who participate on the Computer Hope chat will have a chat icon () in their user profile. If I happened to miss you in the chat and you're missing an icon feel free to PM me and I'll get you updated.

Chat statistics

Chat statistics are automatically collected and can be found here and at the link found at the bottom of the main forums page.

Who or what is Hopebot?

See this thread for additional information about Hopebot

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