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Author Topic: An odd problem: user account that appears in safe mode only  (Read 904 times)

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So a few years ago when my laptop was new and I was foolish enough to think Norton was enough to save me from viruses and hackers, I went on a downloading binge (movies, music, games etc). Sure enough something did come and bite me in the arse but surprisingly not a virus...I had left my laptop on standby overnight and when I woke up I was shocked to find that the user account I frequently used had disappeared from the blue login screen. At the time I'd been more baffled than worried and instead of trying to find where that account had disappeared off too, I created a new one, paid for a good anti-virus that my computer savvy cousin recommended me, set up a firewall, and etc.

I never gave much though to that lost account again until recently when an attached document gave me a couple of nasty trojan viruses that I couldn't find scanning using XP's regular mode. I restarted under Safe Mode and when the blue login screen opened up, I was surprised to see my long lost user account.

Anyways I eventually got rid of the Trojans and was able to access the lost user account in safe mode...however I still cannot see the lost user account on regular mode. I just don't understand how this happened or and I don't know what to do about it.

Please help!


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Re: An odd problem: user account that appears in safe mode only
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2009, 08:43:46 PM »

Sounds like you have had this windows install a long time and it has taken allot of abuse. Remnants of the Trojans may still be effecting the system. Removal of these things can also do damage to windows. I will suggest starting over with a clean install with reformat or total restore with the CD's if you have them.

You will be pleased with a new fresh install is my advice or you can spend countless hours trying to put band-aid fixes on it and still have ongoing problems.
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