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Win3.1 won't recognize my Cd drive. Help!

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One more detail.  Please don't close hie thread until the relevant details are clarified.
What about the Spiral?
Where did that originate?
Is it a Left hand or Right hand Spiral?
And when the disc is turning, does the chiral lead the pickup into the center or toward the outside?
Edit: Windows 3.11 was sold with DOS 6.22 which could use drivers to read most CD-DRIVES of the time.

I' still trying his, meanwhile any other suggestions?

Carbon Dudeoxide:
Not from me, but I can say one thing.

Stay on topic, guys. Squall has been teased enough for one topic.


--- Quote ---Below is an example of how the MSCDEX line should look in your autoexec.bat:


Remember that the above example, if used, must have the same device driver name as the CD-ROM driver in the config.sys.

Additional information about the autoexec.bat / config.sys can be found on our autoexec.bat / config.sys page.
Additional information about loading MS-DOS CD-ROM drivers can be found on our CD-ROM drivers page.
--- End quote ---

You'll have to edit the autoexec.bat file on win3.1 to execute this command, I think.  It's been a long, long time since I've done this.  I think there's more to it, so I'm still looking


mine covers both the config.sys driver and mscdex install.
Some DVD drives have DOS drivers as well; the PC detects it as CD-ROM but it works.


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