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Spybot Detects Virtumonde - Both Spybot and Malware Can't Delete It

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I recently ran Spybot - Search and Destroy, and wound up with some 116 problems. Upon fixing them, I noticed that one was Virtumonde, a problem I've had with on a previous computer. After trying to fix it by Spybot (and failing), I did exactly what I had done in my previous encounter - went to VundoFix and ran it. Came back with nothing.

Thinking that it was a mistake, I looked online and found another. VirtumondeBeGone was also unsuccessful. I've looked around on this website before and saw that there was another individual with a similar problem. I followed the previous advice and used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's File Assassin to delete the file. I ran Spybot again, and it is still there. The location is unchanged: C:\Windows\System32\rcpnet.dll

Please help!!

harry 48:,46313.0.html

go to above post the 3 logs here an expert will see them , harry

you can also read this below


Malwarebytes was successful in removing it from my system when I ran it in safe mode.

Good luck...

Harry48 - Which logs should I post? Spybots/VundoFix/Malwarebytes/VundoBeGone?

harry 48:
logs 3,4 ,6 , in evil's post's  but do the rest as well , harry


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