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Author Topic: How many items HAVE been indexed in Outlook with Search Indexer 4.0 on WinXP?  (Read 1157 times)

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    Hello - In an effort to determine if my Outlook Personal files have been indexing properly in WinXP 2002 SP3, I need to find out if the Windows Search Indexer 4.0 is working properly when indexing the personal.pst file in my Outlook.  Although there's a menu option under Tools >Instant Search > Indexing Status...  that reveals the number of items remaining,   is there a way to find the number of items that have actually been indexed ? 
       Also, is there any way to speed up the Indexing process ? I'm affraid that there is an application that may be slowing it to a crawl (ie., Roxio, LogMeIn ??, etc.)  and preventing it from running quickly (eventhough I'm not active on the copmputer  ie., over night).  Does anyone know how we can find out if the indexer is in fact running and how to get it to index the remaining 24,223 items in my Outlook folders  to completion?     
    Thank you.