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Author Topic: What is your Favourite Online Game and what do you do on it and why you like it?  (Read 2689 times)

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    Il tell you mine...

    Mine is www.Smallworlds.com might have heard of it might not of heard of it at all, Its basically an Online virtual world. BUT you don't have to download it, It runs through your web browser you must have flash or java ( Can't remeber ) but it works for any computer if you have those two. It has won the Abode Max Award, You get help when you enter the Virtual world ( It is only for ages 13+ ) You can do missions to earn Tokens ( Which also you get if you do your tutorial missions ) You can also pay for VIP which also includes extra advance stuff than a non-vip like, A dog which can follow you around, Creating you own dance moves, access to The VIP lounge which is called Aqua lounge Many more. You can also link your Myspace, Facebook, Bebo etc... To your avater so people can view it. You don't just earn tokens you also earn gold which is earned buy doing loyalty missions or betting on a pool game. Loyalty mission is a featured mission that comes up on the mission tabs on the bottom of the screen if you do those for 3 days a week you fill in A gem ( which is on the top right of your screen ) once you fill in all 4 of those you get A Loyalty item which you can sell by putting a price on it and ask anyone thats intrested. Now I come to buying things you can get Clothes, weapons, and wearables. Wearables are things like Angel wings, Fairy Wings, Ninja outfit, Trooper outfit etc... theres many more lol. There are also Monthly wearables which are Animals wearables which they sell a new Monthly Wearable every month. You also get Citezen points which you can get by buying or extending your VIP membership, it is important seem has tho some items you can buy are for certian levels which does include citezen levels. ok I think thats I got to say for now if there is anything you would like to no about the game tell me and I will respond. Oh and I like it Because you don't have to download it and its awesome meet some cool people on there :)

    So tell me whats your favourite online game and why :)
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      Wow was the best one that I've played. The game seems pretty average until you do your first raid or kill your first alliance gnome:D.



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               i Found some Nice Small Games Here 8) (| (|