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I found this quiz good enough and would surely help those who're confused about which Distro to choose. Its a simple quiz which tells you all you want.
Here's the quiz.

Computer Hope Admin:
Looks like a great method of determining your *nix distro. Ended up with OpenSuSE and Fedora. Was a little surprised that it said that a computer a couple years old couldn't run Ubuntu, which is why it only gave it a 95%

Hi ComputerHope,

You might want to try Xubuntu which uses the light and modular Xfce desktop environment which runs smoothly on low end computers. GNOME on Ubuntu is a bit heavy.

Computer Hope Admin:
Thanks for the suggestion, I've actually got Ubuntu running on two boxes, which is why I was surprised about the results. ;)

Hi there,

Maybe it estimates available hardware by the age. Forgets that you could add 4 gb memory even 2 years ago.  ;D


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