StarCraft: Brood War

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StarCraft: Brood War overview

StarCraft: Brood WarsType: Strategy
ESRB Rating: Teen
Release Date: 11/30/1998
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

The ultimate expansion to StarCraft and a must for anyone who enjoys the game of StarCraft. With the races continuing to battle for dominance, each species must develop all-new weapons of war to ensure its survival.

Rising from the ashes of defeat, Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, hopes to reunite the Zerg Broods and claim the war torn sector as her own. To oppose her will be the ultimate test of power.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0
Processor: Intel Pentium 90 MHz
Memory: 16 MB RAM
Graphics Card: VGA graphics with 256-colors capability or higher
Sound Card: Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 80 MB
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Multiplayer: 14.4 kbs modem for 2-player mode
Null Modem Cable for 2-8 player mode
IPX network or (requires Internet connection)
Other: Broodwar is an expansion to the original StarCraft, so it requires that the original StarCraft game already be installed on your computer.

New Additions


  • Dark Templar - New unit that originally was banished from Aiur for refusing to submit to the Khala, the Dark Templar have wandered throughout the far reaches of space for generations. This new unit is a fairly strong unit that is always cloaked and does not require any energy to stay cloaked.
    When two Dark Templars combine, they become a Dark Archon. Dark Archons have unique abilities:

    Feedback deals damage to an enemy based on that unit's remaining ability power. An enemy unit with no remaining ability power will not be damaged, nor will a unit without abilities.

    Mind Control gives the Protoss player the control of an enemy unit.

    Maelstrom temporarily stuns a unit if it is organic, such as a marine, enemy zealot, or any Zerg unit. Mechanical units, such as dragoons and siege tanks, are immune to Maelstrom.
  • Corsair - New units that are medium sized warships that were built by the Dark Templar to safeguard their wandering fleets. They are especially effective against enemy Protoss units. They have the Disruption Web ability, which temporarily disables enemy defensive structures, such as missile turrets, spore colonies, or cannons. While disabled, the defensive unit will not be able to attack.


  • Medic - Great addition to the Terran force; these units have the capability of healing great amounts of units allowing you to rejuvenate units that may have been hurt during battle and not lose important units. Medics also have the capability of Restoration, which is an excellent addition to remove viruses from units as well as reset paralyzed units. Another researched ability is Optic flare, which greatly reduces the vision radius of an enemy unit, effectively blinding it. Enemy ranged units affected by Optic flare are unable to attack unless their target is very close, tipping the scale of ranged vs. ranged battles.
  • Valkyrie - Powerful new air borne unit that fires volleys of fourteen missiles, and impact within a large area.


  • Charon Boosters - Excellent upgrade that allows Goliath's to shoot additional lengths. With this upgrade the units can fire about the same distance as the Zergs Guardians.


  • Lurker - Unit capable of burrowing under ground being invisible to the enemy and striking the enemy with waves of spines damaging all ground units. Unfortunately, however, these units cannot attack while they are above ground.
  • Devourer - Deadly addition to the Swarm. Devoures are large, flying behemoths that are capable of spewing their vile acid at any airborne ships or creatures, causing significant corrosive damage. The venom also when spewed will splash off on impact and impair adjacent units.


  • Chitinous Plating - Upgrade imbues the Ultralisk strain with a hardened exoskeleton shell, enhancing the already impressive natural defenses of the Ultralisk.
  • Anabolic Synthesis - The alteration of the glands that produce endorphins and adrenal fluids serves to increase the reflexes and rate of movement of the Ultralisk.


StarCraft Brood Wars screenshot of Terran base StarCraft Brood Wars screenshot of Protoss
StarCraft Brood Wars screenshot of Protoss fight StarCraft Brood Wars screenshot of Zerg base

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