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Diablo overview

Diablo game box

Type: Role-Playing Game
ESRB Rating: Mature
Release Date: 12/31/1996
Developer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft

Diablo is an excellent game, which the user begins the game by having the capability of being one of three different types of characters: a warrior, rogues, or a sorcerer. After choosing your character, you begin in a small village that you come to find out has been taken over by evil.

Diablo has over sixteen levels, which provides plenty of single player enjoyment. However, a new feature not found in many games is free access to the Multiplayer server Battle.net, which Blizzard has provided players of Diablo the capability of playing online with thousands of other players.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0
Processor: Intel Pentium 60 MHz
Memory: 16MB RAM
Graphics Card: SVGA graphics with 256-color or higher resolution (640 x 480 max)
DirectX: DirectX 3.0
Sound Card: Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 60 MB
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Multiplayer: 14.4 kbs modem or IPX compatible network card
Internet connection required for Battle.net play


Diablo main city Diablo fighting in dungeon
Diablo with available abilities Diablo spell

Keyboard commands

  • F1 - Displays help.
  • P - Pause's the game.
  • ESCAPE - Brings up the main menu.
  • B - Open the spell book
  • C - Views the character information.
  • I - Examine inventory.
  • Q - Reads the quest log.
  • S - Displays the spell book.
  • Z - Zooms in or out.
  • SHIFT - Hold down when attacking to prevent the character from moving.
  • TAB - Displays the map.
  • +/- - Zoom the map in or out.
  • ARROW KEYS - scroll Automap.
  • 1-8 - use specific belt item.
  • F5-F8 - Highlight spells in spell book and press f5-f8 to assign hotkey. Once assigned, the key will prepare that specific spell.
  • F9-F12 - Auto Send messages during auto play.
  • ENTER - Open message window or send message.
  • SPACEBAR - Closes all open windows.


Quest Given From: The Wounded Townsman
Quest Summary: First find the room with the Butcher in it. It should be a room on Level 2 with many slain bodies inside. If you are a Warrior, obtain a shield, a sword, some leather armor, and many healing potions on your belt. Open the door and let him come to you. When he gets close to y u, try to get off the first hit. With luck, you should be able to pummel him to death with your sword while taking minimal damage. If you are a Rogue open the door and run back. Hit and run while firing arrows into him until he dies. If you are a Sorcerer, open the door and make sure he sees you Cast a Flame Wall spell in his chamber, then shut the door. He should succumb to the flames. After he dies, pick up the Butcher's Cleaver, a unique item.

Poisoned Water
Quest Given From: Pepin
Quest Summary: When you hit Level 2 of the dungeon, go back to town and talk to Pepin. He should tell you that the water of Tristram is going bad, and that it is up to you to figure out what is going on before people become sick and die. Go back to Level 2 and look for a hole in the walls rounded by candles. When you find this hole (move the cursor over it and it should say 'Dark Passage'), enter it. Inside you should find Goatmen, Dark Ones, and other enemies. Defeat all the enemies in the Dark Passage, and the quest is solved. Return to Pepin and he gives you the Ring of Truth as your reward.

Ogden's Sign
Quest Given From: Ogden
Quest Summary: When Ogden informs you that his sign to his tavern is missing, go down to Level 4 and search for a Dark One named Snotspill. He informs you that some 'big uglies' stole his sign, and that he wants it back. Search around Level 4 for a room with many Overlords and a chest inside. Open the chest to retrieve Ogden's sign. From this point, you can solve the quest via two methods. The first is to give the sign back to Snotspill. He says that he can now cast great magic, and ambushes you with Overlords. Or, you can go give Ogden back his sign and get a magical item as a reward.

Garbad the Weak
Quest Given From: Garbad the Weak
Quest Summary: Venture into Level 4, and you meet Garbad the Weak. He tells you that if you protect him from the enemies in the dungeon, he gives you a great reward. After he tells you this, go off somewhere else besides Level 4. Return to him and receive an item. At this time, he tells you that he is still crafting your reward, and gives you some item to hold you over until then. Leave Level 4 and return to Garbad a second time, and he tells you that he is almost done. Leave again and return to Garbad, and he says that he has finished the item, but you must fight him for it. He is easy to kill, and when you do, pick up the random item he was making.

Valor Armor
Quest Given From: Book
Quest Summary: In Level 5 of the catacombs, you find a book that speaks of the warrior Arkaine, and tells that his armor called Valor resides somewhere in the Catacombs. Search the catacombs for a blood altar and three blood stones. Pick up all three blood stones and place them in the blood altar (just click the altar once to place a stone). When this is done, a wall disappears and a great hall is before you. Continue down the hall, killing all enemies in your way. At the end of the hallway, you find Arkaine's Valor Armor.

Magic Rock
Quest Given From: Griswold
Quest Summary: After you enter the catacombs, return to town and talk to Griswold. He speaks of the Magic Rock, which he has heard of. If you return it to him, he gives you a reward. Return to the catacombs and search for the Magic Rock. Once you find it, return it to Griswold and receive the Empyrean Band.

Halls of the Blind
Quest Given From: Book
Quest Summary: Read this book to recite a poem about the Halls of the Blind. After you read it through, you can access a room that you couldn't access before. Enter the room and search one of the adjacent rooms for the Optic Amulet. Once you find it, this quest has been completed.

Black Mushroom
Quest Given From: Adria
Quest Summary: Search the caverns for a Fungal Tome. Once found, go to town and talk to Adria. She tells you to make use of it, she needs a Black Mushroom. Return to the caves and search for a patch of mushrooms within. Take the Black Mushroom and return to Adria with it. She says that she now needs an elixir from Pepin. Ask Pepin for the elixir, and he says that he needs a demon's brain to create such an elixir. Return to the caves and kill any demon. His brain pops out. Grab it and return to Pepin for the elixir. Go back to Adria with the elixir, and she says that she does not need it any more. Drink the elixir to raise all your base stats by three.

Anvil of Fury
Quest Given From: Griswold
Quest Summary: After you enter deep into the caves, return to town and talk to Griswold. He speaks of the Anvil of Fury, which he has heard of, and tells you that if he has this anvil, he can craft you a truly powerful weapon. On Level 10 of the caves, out on a peninsula of land, which stretches into the lava, you find the Anvil of Fury. Get it and return to Griswold for Griswold's Edge, a very good sword.

Warlord of Blood
Quest Given From: Book
Quest Summary: Later in the game, you find a Steel Tomb that talks about the Warlord of Blood. Proceed down to Level 13 to find him. He is in a room guarding the entrance down to Level 14 along with a few other Blood Knights. To kill him easily, lure out each of his escort Blood Knights one by one. With time and patience, you should be able to lure most of them out without provoking the Warlord to come after you. When you feel that you are ready, get close to him and retreat. He should follow you. Exit the room that he is in to give yourself some space, then fight him to he death. After you kill him, enter back into the room he was in to get some cool armor and weapons. When you have collected all the items that you want, go on down to Level 14.

Zhar the Mad
Quest Given From: Zhar the Mad
Quest Summary: In Level 8 of the catacombs, you should encounter Zhar the Mad in a library. Talk to him, and he gives you a book to keep you busy while he goes about his work. Take the book and all the scrolls around you, but do not take the book from the bookcase. When you feel you are ready to fight him, take the book from the bookcase. Zhar gets mad that you have done this, and fights you. He teleports around the room and shoots fireballs with his staff, making him very hard to get a hit on him without being hurt yourself. To make this much easier, Stone Curse him when he is visible to get some easy hits on him. One or two Stone Curse spells, and he should be dead for sure.

Quest Given From: Lachdanan
Quest Summary: Find Lachdanan on Level 14 and talk to him. He does not attack you, and explains his story of how he was once one of King Leoric's Knights until a curse came upon him. He is the only one of the Blood Knights that has stood the curse and kept his sanity, and requests that you find him a golden potion so he can end his life without being eternally damned. Head down to Level 15 and search for this potion. Once you find it, return to Lachdanan and give it to him. He gives you the Veil of Steel and, after he kills himself, he drops a magical item for your use.

Skeleton King
Quest Given From: Book
Quest Summary: Enter his tomb on the third level. In the tomb, you should kill all the enemies, then approach the two levers. Switch the lever on the left (east room) to open a door to a room with a couple of chests. Check the chests for useful items inside. Once you do that, go back and switch the lever on the right (west room) to open the way to the Skeleton King. Try to get to the Skeleton King as quickly as possible to kill him, because he resurrects other skeletons if you attack them first. Holy Bolt works nicely on him, and hand-to-hand combat with him could prove to be fatal.

Archbishop Lazarus
Quest Given From: Cain
Quest Summary: Search Level 15 until you find the Staff of Lazarus. Once you find it, pick it up and head back to town with it. Talk to Cain, and he notices the owner of the staff and explain to you how Lazarus must be killed at this point of time. He takes the staff from you and sends you on your way. Head back down to Level 15 and you find a red portal near the marble pentagram. Enter the portal to enter Lazarus' lair. Once you enter his lair, proceed to go through it killing all the Hell Spawns and other enemies you find. Once you have cleared out all the enemies you can find, go search for a gray circle on the ground (there should be two or three). Enter it to get into an area where some Hell Spawns were. Enter the other gray circle, and you should be in another area where Hell Spawns were. Now retreat to where you started the level at. A third gray circle should be on the ground. Enter it to go straight to Lazarus. After the cut scene of him, you should start off in a room with Lazarus and many Hell Spawns. Lazarus is talking, and the Hell Spawns are just sitting there. Take this point in time to run down the hall. When he is done talking, the Hell Spawns come after you little by little. Kill them off until only Lazarus is left. Find Lazarus, and kill him to complete the quest. Stone Curse works nicely on him if you can't get him to hold still.

Quest Given From: Cain
Quest Summary: After you have killed Lazarus, head back to Cain in town. He now tells you of the quest of Diablo, Lord of Terror. Retreat back down to Level 15, and walk into the pentagram to enter his lair. To make this level very simple, fight your way down to the lower-left hand corner of the map. There you should find an enclosed room, with many enemies and monsters scattered around it. Kill them all, and ready a spell or scroll of Telekinesis. Inside the room, you should be able to see two levers. Both must be pulled to open the room with Diablo in it. Head down to the lower-right corner of the level. You should find Diablo there along with other enemies. Try to lure just Diablo out of the room. Once you do, lead him to some other part of the level away from all other monsters. Once it is just you and him, go in for the kill.


Abandoned Shrine
Quote: "The hands of men are guided by fate."
Effect: Raises Dexterity by 2.

Creepy Shrine
Quote: "Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith."
Effect: Raises Strength by 2.

Cryptic Shrine
Quote: "Arcane power brings destruction."
Effect: Nova spell erupts and all manna is replenished.

Divine Shrine
Quote: "Drink and be refreshed."
Effect: Completely fills both orbs, ejects 2 Potions of Full Rejuvenation or one Full Potion of Healing and one Full Potion of Manna.

Eerie Shrine
Quote: "Knowledge and wisdom come at cost of self."
Effect: Adds two points to your Magic attribute.

Eldritch Shrine
Quote: "Crimson and azure becomes the sun."
Effect:Health and Manna potions turn into Rejuvenation potions.

Enchanted Shrine
Quote: "Magic is not what it seems to be."
Effect: One spell decreases a level, all others increase a level.

Fascinating Shrine
Quote: "Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom."
Effect: Manna depleted, Firebolt improved.

Glimmering Shrine
Quote: "Mysteries are revealed in the light of wisdom."
Effect: All previously unidentified objects are now identified.

Gloomy Shrine
Quote: "Those who defend seldom attack."
Effect: Add +2AC to all shields, helmets, and armor. -1 to all weapons' max damage.

Hidden Shrine
Quote: "New strength flows from destruction."
Effect: One item loses 9 to maximum durability, and all the others gain 9.

Holy Shrine
Quote: "Wherever you go, there you are."
Effect: Teleports you to a random location near the shrine.

Magical Shrine
Quote: "While the spirit is vigilant, the body thrives."
Effect: Manna Shield is casted upon the player.

Mysterious Shrine
Quote: "Some grow weaker as one grows strong."
Effect: Adds three points to a random attribute, while all other attributes lose a point.

Ornate Shrine
Quote: "Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom."
Effect: Holy Bolt is increased by two levels, manna decreases.

Quiet Shrine
Quote: "The essence of life flows from within."
Effect: Vitality is raised by 2 points.

Religious Shrine
Quote: "Only time can diminish the power of steel."
Effect: All weapons are instantly repaired.

Sacred Shrine
Quote: "Energy comes at the cost of wisdom."
Effect: Charged Bolt is increased by two levels, manna decreases.

Secluded Shrine
Quote: "The way is made clear when viewed from above."
Effect: Full map of the level.

Spiritual Shrine
Quote: "Riches abound when least expected."
Effect: Fills all free spots in your inventory with gold.

Spooky Shrine
Quote: "Where avarice fails, patience grows."
Effect: All physical players get full life.

Stone Shrine
Quote: "The power of manna refocused renews."
Effect: Instantly recharges all staves.

Thaumaturgic Shrine
Quote: "Everything that once was open, is now closed."
Effect: All open chests are closed and receded.

Tainted Shrine
Quote: "Those that are last may yet be first."
Effect: All physical players are added three points to a random attribute, while all other attributes lose a point.

Weird Shrine
Quote: "The sword of justice is swift and sharp."
Effect: All weapons gain +1 max damage.

Blood Fountain
Effect: Health replenished by one point per use; can be used repeatedly.

Fountain of Tears
Effect: One random attribute gains a point while another random attribute loses one.

Goat Shrine / Cauldron
Effect: Random Effect given by the Shrines. "Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith."
Effect: Raises Strength by 2.

Murky Pool
Effect: Grants Infravision.

Purifying Spring
Effect: Manna replenished by one point per use; can be used repeatedly.

Diablo terms

  • Backpack - The limited space that you have to carry items.
  • Bounty Hunter - Someone who goes and tries to find one person, kill that person and collects their ear because of a reward on their head.
  • Cat - If you ask someone where they are and they say I'm in cat, this means that they are in the catacombs.
  • Dupe - To make a duplicate of an item (considered cheating).
  • Ghost - A character with both their name and character invisible.
  • Manna - Magic power that a person possesses, this allows them to use different spells.
  • PKR - (Player Killer) Someone who does not want friendship with other players or tricks them into thinking they have friendship, and when they go down into the labyrinth, kill the other person.
  • TP - Teleport usually used when you want someone to send you a teleport to were you are.
  • Red Dot - The red dot that you obtain when you help kill Diablo.

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