Lords of Magic

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Lords of Magic overview

Lords of MagicType: Strategy
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 11/30/1997
Developer: Impression Games
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

When the evil Lord Balkoth threatens the peaceful people of Urak with death and destruction, brave heroes with magical powers must rise up to stop the reign of terror. Wielding the forces of magic through spells and artifacts of power, you explore, develop, and manage resources while forming alliances and advancing your status and fame.

Choose your character - warrior, thief, or mage - court your allies, and study the lost arts of magic. Then stock your treasury and band together with other champions of good to overthrow Balkoth and his evil collaborators.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95 or Windows 98
Processor: Intel Pentium 90 MHz
Intel Pentium 100 MHz for Special Edition
Memory: 16MB RAM
Graphics Card: SVGA graphics, 256-colors capable and 1 MB Video RAM
Sound Card: 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 135 MB
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Multiplayer: 28.8 Kbps Modem or IPX compatible Network card
1-4 Players over LAN, Modem, Internet, and Serial connection


Lords of Magic Special Edition: Press and hold Ctrl+C, which should bring up a dialog box. Type "bingo" to get 200 ale, gold, and crystals.


Lords of Magic cut scene Lords of Magic world
Lords of Magic classes Lords of Magic dragon

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