SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony

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SimAnt overview

SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony

Type: Strategy
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 1991
Developer: Maxis Software
Publisher: Maxis Software

SimAnt is an excellent game for those who enjoy any of the game titles from Maxis Software, like SimCity, The Sims, and Theme Park.

In SimAnt, you take on the role of a colony of ants, where your objective is to start and maintain an ant colony. During the game, you run into such obstacles as other colonies of ants, spiders, lawn mowers, rain, and other items to help and prevent your success in the game.

Where SimAnt lacks in graphics and sound, it completely makes up for this in gameplay, as this is a game that all users are sure to enjoy.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System: MS-DOS 3.0, Windows 3.1
Processor: IBM AT, PS/1, PS/2, Tandy or compatible processor (MS-DOS 3.0)
Intel 286 (Windows 3.1)
Memory: 640 KB RAM (MS-DOS 3.0)
2 MB RAM (Windows 3.1)
Graphics Card: VGA, EGA, or MCGA graphics
Sound Card: Supported sound cards: SoundBlaster, AdLib, Roland MT-32, Tandy Sound
Hard Drive Space: 2.5 MB
Drives: 5¼″, 3½″ Floppy Drive (MS-DOS 3.0)
2X CD-ROM (Windows 3.1)
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Multiplayer: n/a


  • QEEN - Gives you another queen
  • JUST - Get 10 fertilized queens
  • OOPS - Red ants get 10 fertilized queens
  • RAND - Yellow and gets full health
  • ERAD - Yellow and loses health
  • SUSI - Yellow and get unlimited health
  • JENN - Black colony get unlimited health
  • JEFF - New black ant colonies everywhere
  • FRED - Win the game
  • HOLE - Makes more ant holes
  • WILL - Always win fights with red ant
  • MICK - Spider walks backward
  • FUND - Brings up message saying $10,000 is worthless
  • JOKE - Brings up a joke

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