Computer sport games

Updated: 12/31/2022 by Computer Hope

Sport games take on the role of real and sometimes fictional sport games. The player can do anything from play golf anywhere in the world, play their favorite football, basketball, or soccer team, or take on players in a futuristic game.

Sport games generally require that the player either already know the real-life sport game or learn the abilities of the real-life / fictional game. Because of the variety of sports and fans of all ages sport games are generally for all ages.

Below we have listed several sport games and the contact. Each of the links below take you to the page with a complete overview of the game and troubleshooting steps.

Sport game listing

FIFA SOCCER 2000 Electronic Arts
FIFA SOCCER 96 Electronic Arts
FIFA SOCCER 97 Electronic Arts
FIFA SOCCER 99 Electronic Arts
Madden NFL 98 Electronic Arts
Madden NFL 99 Electronic Arts
Madden NFL 2000 Electronic Arts
NBA LIVE 99 Electronic Arts
NBA LIVE 2000 Electronic Arts
NHL 98 Electronic Arts
NHL 99 Electronic Arts
NHL 2000 Electronic Arts
PGA TOUR GOLF Electronic Arts