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Reference Questions
CD-ROM CD-ROM dictionary definition and related links.
Disc drives All dictionary definitions and links relating to disc drives.
CD-R CD-R help and support.
CD-RW CD-RW help and support.
Cleaning Additional information and help with cleaning computer hardware.
DVD DVD help and support.
Error codes MS-DOS CD-ROM error codes.
MS-DOS Getting CD-ROM to work in MS-DOS and Windows 3.x
Buying Additional information and buying tips with purchasing a disc drive.
Drivers Disc drive drivers and manufacturer listing.
Contacts Contact information for disc drive manufacturers.
CHADD Additional information with installing computer hardware.
CH000023 CD-ROM is not the D: drive
CH000031 CD-ROM receiving power but does not work.
CH000038 Changing the drive letter of a disk drive.
CH000048 What speed of CD-ROM drive should be purchased.
CH000116 No CD audio through speakers in Windows 3.x.
CH000117 Share my CD-ROM drive in Windows 3.x.
CH000129 CD-ROM software no longer works after adding hard drive.
CH000130 Enabling and disabling Windows AutoPlay
CH000139 How do I make another CD-Player my default player?
CH000143 MS-DOS compatibility mode issues.
CH000162 CD-ROM drive light blinks every few seconds.
CH000176 Windows 9x error "Data or no disk loaded" when audio CD inserted.
CH000212 Receive error when CD is put in computer.
CH000213 Verifying the CD-ROM cables are correctly connected.
CH000214 CD-ROM Tray not opening.
CH000215 Getting no sound from audio CDs.
CH000216 Only able to see audio tracks on enhanced CD.
CH000217 How to boot from a CD.
CH000218 What does the x stand for on 32x?
CH000219 What does max mean on 24x max CD-ROM drive?
CH000220 Can CD-ROM drives be mounted vertically?
CH000221 CD-ROM drive running in MS-DOS mode.
CH000227 CD-ROM, DVD, or other disc drive not working in Windows.
CH000228 Where can I get MSCD001 or MTMIDE01?
CH000302 Noise from the computer.
CH000370 CD-ROM only detects audio CD's.
CH000392 ATAPI incompatible press F1 to resume.
CH000495 How do I find what CD or other disc drive I have?
CH000518 Receive a track error when reading, writing, or formatting a disk.
CH000580 Can my CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-R drive read DVD's?
CH000676 How can I read a Macintosh CD on a PC?
CH000823 How do I copy information to and from a floppy diskette or CD?
CH000832 If I make burn copies of a CD does it degrade the quality?
CH000854 How can I see all drives available on my computer?
CH000885 CD or other disc tray does not close or opens by itself.
CH000901 My CD or DVD is skipping.
CH000946 Can I erase or otherwise format a CD?
CH000971 What programs can I use to rip or copy audio CD's to my computer?
CH001090 How to test a computer CD-ROM or DVD drive for failures.
CH001252 How can I tell if a CD or DVD is fake?
CH001487 What to do if CD or DVD stuck in drive?
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