Computer CMOS help and information

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Reference Questions
CMOS Dictionary definition and related links on the CMOS.
Beep codes Full listing of computer beep codes.
BIOS Information and help with the computer BIOS.
Battery Issues and help relating to the main battery.
Motherboard Information and help with the computer motherboard.
Buying Additional information and buying tips with purchasing a CMOS battery.
CH000015 Each time the computer boots I receive a prompt for the time and date.
CH000037 Static resource conflict.
CH000042 How to change the LPT parallel port within CMOS.
CH000192 How to enter the BIOS or CMOS setup.
CH000235 How to clear an unknown BIOS or CMOS password.
CH000237 CMOS checksum error.
CH000238 Prompt to enter CMOS when booting computer.
CH000239 How to replace the CMOS battery.
CH000291 NVRAM cleared by jumper.
CH000301 Prompt to press F1/F2 each time computer boots.
CH000385 CMOS memory size mismatch.
CH000386 Computer time and date getting reset or losing time.
CH000391 How to backup the CMOS values.
CH000554 How to set a computers date and time.
CH000933 What is the memory hole at 15M-16M?
CH000934 What is the Graphic Window WR Combine in CMOS?
CH000976 How can I reset CMOS or BIOS settings?
CH001107 I'm unable to enter CMOS setup.
CH001360 What is the difference between BIOS and CMOS?
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