Computer DVD drives help and support

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Reference Questions
DVD DVD dictionary definition and related links.
Disc drives All dictionary definitions and links relating to disc drives.
CD-R CD-R help and support.
CD-ROM CD-ROM help and support.
CD-RW CD-RW help and support.
Cleaning Additional information and help with cleaning computer hardware.
Buying Additional information and buying tips with purchasing a disc drive.
Drivers Disc drive drivers and manufacturer listing.
Companies DVD manufacturers and company contacts.
CH000327 Will a scratch cause a CD or DVD to not work?
CH000328 How much does a DVD disc cost?
CH000329 Getting around DVD region number scheme.
CH000330 DVD quality on TV is not as good as monitor.
CH000331 Unable to play DVD through TV/VCR.
CH000332 DVD movie stops or screen goes black.
CH000333 After reinstalling Windows 98 DVD no longer works.
CH000334 How to prevent Windows 98 DVD player from loading.
CH000335 Cannot hear DVD movie with headphones.
CH000336 Cannot play DVD with Windows NT.
CH000337 DVD titles with known issues.
CH000495 How do I find what CD or other disc drive I have?
CH000580 Can my CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-R drive read DVD's?
CH000826 How can I play a DVD movie in Windows XP?
CH000832 If I make burn copies of a CD does it degrade the quality?
CH000885 CD or other disc tray does not close or opens by itself.
CH000901 My CD or DVD is skipping.
CH001090 How to test a computer CD-ROM and DVD drive for failures.
CH001166 Can a DVD drive also burn DVD discs?
CH001252 How can I tell if a CD or DVD is fake?
CH001395 Blu-ray vs DVD.
CH001487 What to do if CD or DVD stuck in drive?
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