Computer floppy drive and disk help

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Reference Questions
Drive Dictionary definition and related links on floppy drives.
Disk Dictionary definition and related links on floppy diskettes.
Cable Dictionary definition and related links on the floppy cable.
Boot disk Additional information and help with creating a bootable floppy.
Cleaning Additional information and help with cleaning computer hardware.
Interface Disk drive interfaces help and support.
Contacts Contact information for floppy drive manufacturers.
CHADD Additional information with installing computer hardware.
CH000019 Copying floppy to floppy.
CH000038 Changing the drive letter of a disk drive.
CH000047 Hard drive is not being detected when using a boot diskette.
CH000101 Sector not found error.
CH000119 How to copy a large file or directory to floppy diskette.
CH000229 Invalid / Non System Disk error.
CH000277 Basic floppy disk drive troubleshooting.
CH000278 Floppy drive light never goes off.
CH000279 Unable to boot from floppy.
CH000287 Floppy drive works in Windows but not MS-DOS.
CH000302 Noise from the computer.
CH000324 Floppy drive reading as B and not A.
CH000343 3.5" floppy being detected as 5.25" floppy.
CH000349 FDC Failure
CH000381 A serious disk error occurred trying to read/write drive.
CH000387 Disk boot failure.
CH000426 Floppy disk fail (40) or (80) error.
CH000427 Floppy drive makes noise.
CH000447 Floppy door stuck or broken.
CH000496 How do I find what floppy diskette drive I have?
CH000518 Receive a track error when reading, writing, or formatting a disk.
CH000579 Unable to read floppy diskette.
CH000684 The disk in drive A: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?
CH000727 How do I format a floppy diskette?
CH000823 How do I copy information to and from a floppy diskette or CD?
CH000828 Floppy diskette stuck in floppy drive.
CH000854 How can I see all drives available on my computer?
CH000879 How do I determine how much space my floppy disk has?
CH000964 How do I insert a floppy diskette into the computer?
CH001027 Do airport X-rays damage flash media, floppy diskettes, or laptop computers?
CH001135 Why is a 3 1/2" floppy diskette 1.44 MB and not 1.47 MB?
CH001368 How to copy a floppy disk to a CD.
CH001489 Floppy disk jammed in drive.
CH001500 Diskette drive 0 seek failure.
CH001502 How to change drive letter of a floppy disk drive.
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