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Reference Questions
Modem Dictionary definition and related links on MODEM.
All Modem All dictionary definitions related to MODEM.
AT Strings Where can I find a listing of AT strings and information?
Standards Information and help on X2, KFLEX, and V.90 and connecting at 56 k.
Internet All Internet questions and answers
Contacts Contact information for MODEM manufacturers.
Buying Additional information and help with purchasing a MODEM.
Drivers Computer MODEM drivers and manufacturer listing.
CHADD Additional information with installing computer hardware.
CH000041 Cannot connect at 56k.
CH000147 Missing Country Code in dialing properties for Windows 95.
CH000151 Getting Fax support in Windows 98?
CH000161 Decrease time used to log onto Internet with modem.
CH000262 Insuring the modem is connected properly.
CH000263 DOS and Windows 3.x modem troubleshooting.
CH000264 Windows 95 and 98 modem troubleshooting.
CH000265 Windows NT 4.0 modem troubleshooting.
CH000266 How to enable and disable call waiting on computer.
CH000267 When trying to connect to BBS receive busy signal.
CH000268 I can connect to the Internet, but cannot open any web pages.
CH000269 Windows is not saving my Internet password and the box to save is grayed out.
CH000270 After connecting to the Internet, I receive another prompt for username and password.
CH000271 How to install a new Port in Windows 9x.
CH000371 How to disable Internet auto disconnect.
CH000377 Windows dial-up networking password is not saved.
CH000408 Error 630: Port disconnected due to hardware failure.
CH000439 Enable and disable modem speaker.
CH000488 Older Modem and Network cards do not work in Windows XP.
CH000498 How do I find what computer modem I have?
CH000539 How fast is my Internet?
CH001164 ATI MODEM diagnostic information.
CH001550 How do I remove a computer modem?
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