Computer history - 1931

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Computer events in 1931

Allen DuMont significantly improved the CRT (cathode ray tube) in 1931 for television receivers.

IBM introduced the IBM 400 series alphabetical accounting machines, the first IBM machines to print alphabetic data.

IBM introduced the IBM 600 series calculating machines, the first IBM machines to perform multiplication and division.

IBM released the Public Utility Billing Machine.

The first motor drive duplicating punch and automatic summary punch were developed.

IBM released the Electroprint Time Stamp.

IBM introduced the first automatic multiplying punch.

IBM released the first automatic reproducing punch.

The first permanent installation of the IBM translator system was set up at the League of Nations in Geneva.

Computer pioneers born in 1931

Fletcher Jones

Fletcher Jones was born on January 22, 1931.

Eiichi Goto was born on January 26, 1931.

Anthony (Tony) Edgar Sale was born on January 30, 1931.

Elizabeth Feinler was born on March 2, 1931.

Andrei Ershov was born on April 19, 1931.

Frederick Brooks was born on April 19, 1931.

Nobuo Mii was born on July 4, 1931.

Morris Chang was born on July 10, 1931.

Michael Rabin was born on September 1, 1931.

Ole-Johan Dahl was born on October 12, 1931.

Jacob Ziv was born on November 27, 1931.

James Russell was born in 1931.

Louis Pouzin was born in 1931.

Valentin Turchin was born in 1931.

Computer pioneer deaths in 1931

Thomas Edison passed away on October 18, 1931 (Age: 84).

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