Computer history - 1937

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Major computer events in 1937

Iowa State College's John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry began work on creating the binary-based ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer) in 1937, considered by most to be the first electronic digital computer.

Atanasoff-Berry Computer - ABC

Other computer events in 1937

Alec Reeves developed PCM (pulse-code modulation) in 1937.

Claude Shannon became the founder of both digital computer and digital circuit design theory in 1937.

IBM introduced the IBM Type 805 International Test Scoring Machine in 1937, giving rise to the familiar "fill-in-the-bubble" test score sheets (optical mark reading). The test-scorer, primarily designed by Reynold Johnson, uses the conductivity of pencil marks to sense correct and incorrect answers.

Computer companies founded in 1937

Polaroid was founded in 1937.

Seiko Instruments was founded in 1937.

Computer pioneers born in 1937

Dabbala Reddy

Dabbala Reddy was born on June 13, 1937.

Ted Nelson was born on June 17, 1937.

Philip Estridge was born on June 23, 1937.

Patrick McGovern was born on August 11, 1937.

Marcian Hoff was born on October 28, 1937.

Lawrence Roberts was born on December 21, 1937

Charles Peddle was born in 1937.

Harold Lawson was born in 1937.

Igor Aleksander was born in 1937.

John Conway was born in 1937.

Larry Roberts was born in 1937.

Steve Russell was born in 1937.

Computer pioneer deaths in 1937

Guglielmo Marconi passed away on July 20, 1937 (Age: 63).

Jagadish Bose passed away on November 23, 1937 (Age: 78).

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