Computer history - 1972

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Major computer events in 1972

Intel 8008 microprocessor

Intel introduced the 8008 processor on April 1, 1972.

ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) gave the first public demo of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in 1972.

The compact disc was invented in the United States.

New computer products and services introduced in 1972

The first video game console called the Magnavox Odyssey was demonstrated on May 24, 1972, and later released in September 1972 by Magnavox and sold for $100.00 USD.

The first scientific pocket calculator the HP-35 was introduced.

The programming language FORTRAN (Formula Translation) 66 was created.

Whetstone was released in November 1972.

Atari released Pong, the first commercial video game on November 29, 1972.

The programming language prolog (programming in logic or programation et logique) was developed and released by Alain Colmeraur and his colleagues at the University of Marseilles in 1972.

SCCS (source code control system) was developed in the SNOBOL (string oriented and symbolic language) language at Bell Labs in 1972, later re-written in C for Unix.

IBM announced the System /370 Models 125, 158 and 168.

The HP 9866A, the first dot matrix printer from HP (Hewlett-Packard) is introduced in 1972.

IBM released the Mag Card "Executive"Typewriter.

IBM introduced the IBM Copier II.

IBM released the 2991 Blood Cell Processor.

IBM released the 3881 optical mark reader.

IBM introduced the 2922 programmable terminal.

IBM introduced the 3780 data communications terminal.

IBM released the 2984 cash dispensing terminal.

IBM introduced the 3886 optical character reader.

Computer and technology-related events in 1972

The floppy disk was patented by Ralph Flores and Herbert Thompson on June 6, 1972.

The floppy disk drive was patented by Warren Dalziel, Jay Nilson, and Donald Wartner on July 18, 1972.

Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs invented the C programming language.

Edsger Dijkstra was awarded the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Turing Award.

Norm Abramson' Alohanet connected to ARPANET: packet radio nets.

The first sound card was considered to be the Gooch Synthetic Woodwind, used by PLATO terminals. It was invented by Sherwin Gooch in 1972, and was a synthesizer capable of 4-voice music synthesis.

The ISI (Information Sciences Institute) was founded at the University of Southern California in 1972.

Computer companies and organizations founded in 1972

Roland was founded on April 18, 1972.

Atari was founded on June 28, 1972, by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney.

Cray Research Inc. was founded in 1972.

Oki Data was founded in 1972.

Prime Computer was founded in 1972.

SAP (System Analysis and Program) aka SAP SE was founded by five former IBM employees in Germany 1972.

Tatung Company of America, Inc. was founded in 1972.

Tweeter, owned by Tweeter Opco, was founded in 1972.

Digi-Key Electronics was founded in 1972.

Computer company events in 1972

Syzygy Engineering was renamed to Atari on June 27, 1972.

ARPA was renamed to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in 1972.

Computer pioneers born in 1972

Hans Anvin

Hans Anvin was born on January 12, 1972.

Evan Williams was born on March 31, 1972.

Peter J. Bentley was born on May 16, 1972.

Max Vision was born on July 10, 1972.

Jon Radoff was born on September 17, 1972.

Erik Selberg was born in 1972.

Jim Hall was born in 1972.

Mark Abene was born in 1972.

Computer pioneer deaths in 1972

Fletcher Jones

Fletcher Jones passed away on November 7, 1972 (Age: 41).

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