Computer history - 1974

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Major computer events in 1974

Intel's improved microprocessor chip was introduced on April 1, 1974, the 8080 became a standard in the computer industry.

Altair 8800 kits start going on sale on December 19, 1974.

Altair 8800 Computer

Other computer events in 1974

The U.S. government starts its antitrust suit against AT&T. The suit continues until 1982 when AT&T agrees to divest itself of the Bell operating companies that provided local exchange service.

John Draper aka Captain Crunch discovers a breakfast cereal children's whistle creates a 2600 hertz tone. Using this whistle and a blue box he's able to successfully get into AT&T's phone network and make free calls anywhere in the world.

The first car game Gran Trak 10 was released by Atari in May 1974.

While at Intel, Federico Faggin at Intel was granted patent #3,821,715 on June 28, 1974, that describes a memory system for a multichip digital computer.

Charles Simonyi coins the term WYSIWYG.

Donald Sherman whose speech was limited by a disorder used a speech prosthesis program designed by John Eulenberg to order the first pizza delivery using a computer on December 4, 1974.


New computer products and services introduced in 1974

The first Toshiba floppy disk drive was introduced in 1974.

The IBM MVS operating system was introduced in 1974.

A commercial version of ARPANET known as Telenet was introduced and considered by many to be the first ISP (Internet service provider) in 1974.

The first BIOS and 8-bit operating system CP/M created by Gary Kildall in 1974.

IBM developed SEQUEL in 1974. SEQUEL would later become SQL that is still widely used today.

IBM introduced SNA in 1974.

The development of the Internet protocol started in 1974.

Computer companies founded in 1974

Apache Micro Peripherals was founded in 1974.

Digital Research was founded by Gary Kildall in 1974.

Foxconn was founded in 1974.

Printronix was founded in 1974.

Tandem Computers was founded in 1974.

Tecmar was founded in 1974.

Computer pioneers born in 1974

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom was born on January 21, 1974.

Christopher Stone was born on March 10, 1974.

Joshua Schachter was born in 1974.

Jeri Ellsworth was born in 1974.

Raymond Boyce was born in 1974.

Computer pioneer deaths in 1974

Vannevar Bush

Vannevar Bush passed away on June 28, 1974 (Age: 84).

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