Computer History - 1981

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Major computer events in 1981

MS-DOSOn August 12, 1981 IBM joins the computer race when it introduces the IBM 5150 PC. The computer used the 4.77-MHz Intel 8088 processor, 16 kB base memory, and the PC-DOS operating system with a starting price of $1,565.

MS-DOS 1.0 was released August, 1981.

Xerox introduces the graphical Star workstation. This computer greatly influences the development of future Apple computers including the Lisa and Macintosh, as well as Microsoft's Windows.

Other computer events in 1981

Satya Pal Asija receives the first U.S. patent for a computer software program May 26, 1981.

VHDL is proposed and begins development.

Jeff Dailey, a 19-year old becomes the first person to die from computer gaming after dying from a heart attack after posting a score of 16,660 on Berzerk.

New computer products and services introduced in 1981

IBM PC 5150IBM introduced its first personal computer called the IBM PC in 1981.The computer was code named and still sometimes referred to as the Acorn. THe IBM PC had a 8088 processor, 16 KB of memory, which was expandable to 256 and utilized MS-DOS.

With its new computers IBM also introduces the "planner board" that laters becomes what we know today as the motherboard.

Kermit is developed at the Columbia University in New York

IBM introduces VMEbus, CGA displays, and the game port in 1981.

Hayes introduces the Smartmodem 300 with its standard setting AT command set and an operating speed of 300 bits per second.

Adam Osborne introduces the Osborne I, the first successful portable computer, which weighs 25 pounds.

Hewlett-Packard Superchip the first 32-bit chip is introduced.

Commodore ships the VIC-20, which later becomes the worlds most popular computer costing only $299.95.

Hayes releases the Smartmodem 1200 with transfer rates of 1,200 bits per second.

Computer companies founded in 1981

Creative logoCreative Technology is founded July 1, 1981.

Diskeeper is founded on July 22, 1981.

Adaptec is founded.

APC is founded.

BITNET is founded.

CTX is established.

DFI is founded.

DTK is founded.

Gemlight is founded.

Kensington is founded.

Logitech is founded in Apples, Switzerland.

Longshine Technology is founded.

Progress Software is founded.

STB Systems is founded.

SuperSpeed is founded.

Virgin Interactive is founded.

Weitek is founded.

WYSE is founded.

Computer company events in 1981

Microsoft buys the rights for QDOS from Seattle Computer Products (SCP) for $25,000 on July 27, 1981.

Computer pioneers born in 1981

Cali LewisCali Lewis is born January 25, 1981

Johnathan Wendel is born February 26, 1981

Jake Lodwick is born July 25, 1981

Barrett Brown is born August 14, 1981

Jolie O’dell is born September 16, 1981.

MG Siegler is born November 2, 1981

Albert Gonzalez is born in 1981

Chad Davis is born in 1981

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