Why is Computer Hope's support service free?

Updated: 08/16/2021 by Computer Hope
Free computer help

While working as a technician, I encountered many callers and other technicians who needed a resource to find answers to computer questions. Computer Hope was created as a place for everyone to find computer answers and is kept open, so everyone around the world has access to free computer help.

How does Computer Hope remain free?

Computer Hope remains a free service by showing a limited amount of advertising throughout its site. These ads help support staff, server, and bandwidth costs associated with running the site.

No, really, what's the catch?

There are no hidden tricks or gotchas. You are never asked for payment, you do not need to register, if you send us an e-mail, it's not sold or used for spam. We never require anything more than the necessary information required to answer your question. If you also enjoy helping people and learning more about computers, you are also welcome to join us in helping others who need help.

Are there any sponsors for Computer Hope?