Why did Computer Hope change names?

Updated: 12/30/2021 by Computer Hope
why did computer hope change name

If you were using our service before November 1998, you were probably part of the big name change. Unfortunately, another company was using our old name and demanded the removal of our website. Instead of dropping everything and calling it quits, we decided to change our name, have it trademarked, redesigned, and add several hundred additional pages of information. After several months of work, in early November 1998, we posted our new website under the domain https://www.computerhope.com/ and continued our free support.

All pages originally on the old domain were automatically forwarded to the new domain for an additional two months to help prevent any confusion.

What was the name?

Since the company filed a trademark infringement against us, it's probably for the best that we never say or use it again.